Homemade Applesauce and Festering Secrets

Yesterday morning I cleaned out my refrigerator. Lurking in the back was a Tupperware container filled with homemade applesauce from several months ago. Mold was growing all over it. 

I knew the applesauce was there, I noticed it at least a month ago. But every time I came back from the grocery store, instead of taking out that tub of applesauce, I squeezed in all my new food around it, pushing it deeper into the refrigerator so I could get everything else in. 

How long did I push it back, cover it up, pretend it was not there, letting it grow mold?  If I waited, perhaps one of my kids would discover it and squeal, grossed out.  Perhaps a girlfriend might stop in and find it as she reached in for a cold drink. How much longer did I think I could put off the inevitable?

I finally decided this morning that it was time to take out the applesauce and throw it away. It’s not salvageable now, not one bit of it. It’s toxic. It’s time to go. 

Secrets are a lot like that, too. We hold onto them, keep them hidden, cover them up with our “new purchases,” pretend that a new outfit, a new friend or a new neighborhood will mask the past.  

In my experience, eventually a secret becomes toxic too, like my applesauce. 

Before I was ready to release it, my own secret, held tight for eleven years, began to fester, just like the applesauce.  

The release of my darkest secret – having an abortion – went through much the same progression. Initially, I stuffed it down deep, tried to build my life up around it, pretended I was okay, that my life was perfect. Everything looked pretty good from the outside. But when I could hide no longer, when it was too hard to get up in the morning, or I couldn’t fall asleep at night, or my nerves triggered stomach pains, I couldn’t ignore the secret any longer. 

It wasn’t pretty in the beginning (and neither was cleaning out my Tupperware!). In fact, I had let it sit there so long it festered and had gotten downright ugly. If I had dealt with my angst about it sooner, it would have been a lot prettier when I released the guilt, shame and pain I had been carrying around for eleven years. 

Once the floodgates opened, the rest of the job was so much easier. After that, it took a good scrubbing, some patience and time to forgive myself. I was determined not to let this part of my life define me. Today I am like that Tupperware container, squeaky clean and with plenty of room for more goodness in my life. 

This morning as I look into my refrigerator, I see a beautiful open space where yesterday there was no room for anything new. I remind myself that with courage and determination, we can do anything, be anyone we set our minds to. Truly, life is good! (And my refrigerator is clean and spacious, too!)



  1. nancylynndriscoll@hotmail.comNovember 11, 2013 at 6:12 PM

    Wow!! Such Meaning!!
    you are the best!!

  2. Namaste Christina, beautiful message. I feel this could apply to our soul's purpose as well. Like the applesauce in the fridge, we keep placing things over and covering the purpose of our soul.



    1. Yes Hilda, you are so right! I did not think of it that way before, but it makes so much sense. Thank you for giving me a new perspective on the applesauce. Namaste, Christina

  3. Loved that Christina!!! So true about these parts of ourselves we are afraid to face fearing we are not ______ enough - we cover them up, hoping no one will see, but having that trust and faith to see all of ourselves, embrace and be with our own 'secrets' gives us to freedom to grow into the beautiful souls we all are…letting our own light shine : ) Not easy, but so worth it!!

    1. Ahh, yes - freedom! I believe we each have so much potential, and the world will shine brighter as we are each able to access that light in being free to be true, Divine selves. Thank you Carolyn!