Desperately Seeking Acceptance


My upcoming book, How My Unborn Children Saved My Life, is a spiritual story of my journey to wholeness. It navigates the terrain of abortion and narcissism and how my unborn children led me to find my way out of a world of unhealthy behaviors.

Often we do not realize how broken we are and it takes an earth-shattering event to shake us from the world of illusion that we live in. 

We are born and raised into a world that over time becomes our “normal” way of living. Yet we can become so disconnected from the truth of who we are that we have little hope of discovering who we truly are without a crisis to ignite our transformation. 

I recently met two women who grew up in a household where narcissism was their mothers’ defining character trait. Both of these women were givers and both of them wanted more than anything else to be loved and acknowledged by their parents. And yet their mothers were so self-centered that it was impossible for them to clearly see their daughters and recognize their needs. I understood their stories well. Their stories were so similar to my own. 

I realize as I come full circle in my own life and understand why I made certain choices, why my life brought me in the directions it did. I understand that as human beings we all have one thing in common:

We desire acknowledgment and love from our parents. 

Our unborn children are no different.

I believe whether we have had an abortion or we have lost children through miscarriage, they are spiritual beings who chose us as their parents. They saw a beauty and light in us that made them want to be a part of our lives. 

Part of the healing journey from our pregnancy losses is their healing journey as well. They desire what we also desire – acknowledgement and love from their parents. 

It makes sense, doesn’t it? How many of us strived for a good part of our lives wanting to be seen and cherished by our parents? How many of us studied to get straight A’s or perhaps even developed a negative behavior just to get our parents’ attention? I think it is an unusual human being who has not been caught up in wanting such recognition. 

Why would our spirit children, our unborn angels, be any different?

The moment I connected with my unborn children, my life began to change. The heaviness in my being lifted and my transformational journey began.  

In fact, opening up to the bond of my unborn has led me to a deeper connection with my embodied children. Both my born and unborn children have taught me so much. The very least I can do is acknowledge and thank them for it.



  1. As a woman who suffered pregnancy losses, it wasn't until I acknowledged these unborn children and their soul journeys with mine that I truly began to heal. They are still my children and I love them. I am grateful for them. They have turned into blessings. I am a better person, physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally and professionally. It is because of them that I am now the person I am, with deep and fierce passion for helping others regain and maintain their health. They are not here in the physical realm, however, they are with me as my guides and teachers who keep me on the path.

    Thank you for sharing so deeply and for the work you are doing and allowing LOVE to unfold in spite of loss.

    1. Thank you my dear! I have tears in my eyes as I read your words for yet a third time right now. They are our blessings for sure!

  2. Christina, is there a release date for your book?

    1. There is no release date yet, but I expect to have it finished shortly and released by Spring of 2015. I will let you know when I have a final date. Thanks for asking.